Resident Resources

If your issue is an emergency, please call your on-site manager or our office at:

By submitting this form you are giving Callan, Inc, permission to enter your unit to repair the stated issue at our earliest convenience.

Resident Resources

At Callan, we take pride in our properties. It’s important to us that appliances and apartment features are kept in good working order. If something in your apartment or building is not working, please call our office at 1-800-708-7462 or submit a request for maintenance using our online form.

We encourage your participation and involvement in guiding our continuous improvement efforts. Below you will find a list of resources at your disposal. Please use them to support our commitment to keep the apartments well maintained.


Emergency Apartment Maintenance
If there is an emergency involving damage to your unit, call your on-site manager or our office at:

Resident Information
We ask that you keep up-to-date emergency contact, employment and automobile information on file with us. You can use this form or call us to update this information.

Water Leak
It is very important to stop a leak as quickly as possible and wipe up any standing water. Shut off the water using the shut off valve under most sinks and toilets. Contact your manager or our office immediately.

Utility Activation and Emergencies
Phone: SBC/Ameritech (800) 924-1000
Electric and Gas: WE Energies Accounts (800) 242-9137
Electric Emergency: (800) 662-4797
Gas Emergency: (800) 261-5325

Rent is due on the FIRST day of each month, payable to:

James L. Callan, Inc.

Mail to:

James L. Callan, Inc.
C/O Founders 3
252 E. Highland Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53202